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Interview with George Weinberg


George Weinberg: Love is Conspiratorial, Deviant & Magical (Gay Today, by Raj Ayyar, 11/1/02)




Recent Articles by George Weinberg


Coming Out Isn’t Just for Gay People (HuffPost, 2/11/14)



The End Goal of the LGBT Movement (HuffPost, 7/9/13)



The Curse of Reparative Therapy (HuffPost, 7/10/13)



Homophobia: Don't Ban the Word -- Put It in the Index of Mental Disorders (HuffPost, 12/6/12)




Article about George Weinberg and coining of “homophobia”


Beyond “Homophobia”: Thinking about Sexual Prejudice and Stigma in the Twenty-First Century

(Gregory M. Herek, Sexuality Research & Social Policy, the Journal of NSRC, 2004)


Other writings


In the past, Weinberg has also written articles in popular magazines: Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Single Parent, TV Guide, and for television: The Keith Ablow Show.


George Weinberg Quotes 

Quotations by George Weinberg, American Psychologist, from “Brainy Quotes”




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