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Action Approach
The Heart of Psychotherapy
Invisible Masters
Nearer to the Heart's Desire
The Pliant Animal
Self Creation
Shakespeare on Love
Society and the Healthy Homosexual
Statistics: An Intuitive Approach
The Taboo Scarf
Why Men Won't Commit
Will Power
The Projection Principle

Invisible Masters: Compulsions and the Fear that Drives Them. New York: Grove/Atlantic Press, 1993.

Invisible Masters
In a groundbreaking study of compulsive behavior, the author concludes that compulsions are primarily driven by a variety of fears. (25,000 first printing.)

“Weinberg sounds like the kind of psychotherapist one might like to have – engaging, animated, mindful of the part his own personality plays in any exchange, sensitive and thoughtful… Weinberg is a graceful writer who manages to convey the delicacy of his work.”

* Los Angeles Times

“A colorful, classy cast of characters emerges… Vivid, enlightening, and sure to charm anyone curious about our fragile human vessels and those who try to keep them afloat.”

* Kirkus Reviews

“These well-written, understanding stories of the lives of the mentally or emotionally tortured human beings should appeal to many diverse readers.”

* Booklist

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